Few Steps to Finding a Great Companion Sitter

caregiver sitter

Many patients and their loved ones find themselves overwhelmed with the stressors and tasks involved in providing care and companionship. What’s often called “caregiver burnout” can be mitigated through healthcare platforms like SitByCare by matching patients with a sitter. Signing up as a patient is easy and can be done by the patient or a third party. Within minutes of signing up, you can find sitters in your area that can meet your time, health, and economic requirements. 

There are three options to sign up as a patient: Google, Facebook, or Email. Here, you can enter all your personal information and select your  Medical Care facility which helps find sitters that are close to you. In the next step, you can also specify if you are signing up for an account as a patient or as a related third party. On the next screen you will be able to put in your patient’s identifying information: name, birthday, gender, and medical condition as well as hospital floor number and room number if applicable. Some optional questions which will allow optimal matches to sitters include the patient’s profession and hobbies. In light of the global pandemic, it is also important to provide a certificate of Covid vaccination. In the next step, there is also an option to add an emergency contact. The next important step is specifying the needs of the patient where you will be prompted to enter any specific needs which can include dietary restrictions, habits to know about, or anything that will allow the sitter to make sure the patient is comfortable and taken care of. Here you can also choose the preferred language to make sure there are no language barriers between sitter and patient which makes communication much easier for both parties. As for specifying the times you need a sitter you can choose from Weekday, Weekend, Overnight, or an immediate start. Finally, budget is very important when it comes to hiring a sitter as everyone comes from different economic backgrounds and it is important to find the care you need at the price range that works for your family. Using the slider you can choose from sitters who charge $15 (minimum wage) to $150 an hour.

Finally a patient can choose from a range of avatars to keep their identification private until they are ready to share it with a sitter . Once you select the avatar you’d like the signup process is done and you can start browsing through the sitters near you!