In-Home Companion Visits

elderly caregiver

You know that SitByCare provides sitters to offer companionship to residents of hospitals and residential care facilities, but what can you do to help your friends and relatives who are living alone at home? Now SitByCare can help them as well.

We are now adding in-home companions to our roster of services, because people living in their own homes can be just as lonely as people living in residential facilities—and loneliness can lead to depression and contribute to the development of dementia and other health problems. In-home companion visits can help relieve loneliness, help people recover faster from illnesses, and feel more emotionally and mentally secure.

Whether someone needs help with personal care activities such as bathing or just someone to sit and visit with, we can fill the void. Our companion sitters can help with dressing and grooming tasks, can prepare light meals and help people eat, or can entertain them by chatting, reading aloud to them, or playing a favorite game with them.

The right companion

The most important aspect of selecting a sitter is to choose the right companion. At SitByCare, we use our personalized matching system to team the right sitter with each client by focusing on compatibility. We find a sitter who speaks the same language, has the same interests, and can meet the needs of the person he or she will be caring for.

Whether you’re looking for someone to provide occasional companion sitting or if you need caregiver respite for a longer period of time, contact us to find the right person for your friend or relative. And if you are looking to be a companion sitter, contact us to match you with the right person to provide companionship for. You can reach us at