Prioritizing Care For Yourself or a Loved One


Hospitals and other healthcare and patient care facilities have always been committed to providing safe, effective, and high-quality care. Even so, it’s no secret that time passes slowly in a hospital or other facility for patients. Without companionship, feelings of boredom, loneliness and anxiety can emerge.

Healthcare staff cannot tend to patients at all times, and not everyone has the ability to be there for loved ones at all times. So how are patients expected to remain optimistic and hopeful? As a patient or caregiver, it is important to advocate for the best care, physically and emotionally.

With SitByCare, health sitters play a crucial role in supporting patients and easing their discomfort. They offer companionship and connection to counteract boredom and alleviate loneliness or anxiety. Whether it’s sitting and watching television together, or talking about favorite artists, a one-on-one companion can significantly improve mood and offer a sense of comfort.

Health sitter services are offered in medical and care facilities nationwide, so wherever you or a loved may be, there is a qualified health sitter ready to offer support! You can easily find health sitters by searching for a particular medical or care facility, or by zip code. All health sitters are verified and provided with training so you can gain peace of mind knowing that you or a loved one is receiving the best in personalized care.

To help manage time with a health sitter and to make the most of a session, you’re encouraged to communicate anything that might be helpful to a health sitter. This can include anything from activities to bring (like puzzles or board games) to requests like going for a walk or listening to a specific type of music. Health sitters will do everything they can to enrich the experience and
deliver unparalleled care, assistance and comfort—all with a smile and friendly, upbeat attitude.

Prioritizing care for yourself or a loved one means getting support and care to feel as comfortable as possible. SitByCare wants every patient and caregiver to feel empowered to take control of his or her health, and receive optimal one-on-one companion care. To learn more about SitByCare services or sign up to be matched, visit