What is a health sitter?

Health Sitter

Understanding the different care professions

The medical industry is growing faster than any other. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 6 of the top 10 fastest-growing jobs in the United States are in the healthcare field. And you don’t need to spend eight years in school to land one of these careers—included in this group are care professionals who can support patients in hospitals, medical facilities and sometimes at home. 

Now, there’s another option for support: health companionship. Our increasingly-busy world leaves many people unable to spend as much as they would like with their loved ones staying in health or care facilities, so professionals like health sitters have emerged to help fill that gap and ensure your loved one receives companionship when they need it most. Whether you are seeking out health companionship for yourself or a loved one or considering starting a career in health sitting, it’s important to understand these different types of care professionals so you can decide if SitByCare health sitting is the right health service for you!

Home health aide

What they do: Help with personal care tasks (including bathing and grooming), walking, changing dressings 

Training: Vocational school or community college program

Where they work: Private homes, long-term care facilities, retirement communities, assisted-living facilities

Average salary: $10-15/hr depending on location

Personal care aide

What they do: Helps with non-medical household tasks, errands and shopping, and personal care tasks such as bathing, grooming, and helping patients use the toilet  

Training: Vocational school or care agency certification

Where they work: Private homes

Average salary: $13-19/hr

SitByCare health sitter

What they do: Provide joyful companionship to a patient! This can include any non-medical social interactions, such as reading books, playing cards, or bonding over the hospital cafeteria food

Training: SitByCare training programs and access to continued education 

Where they work: Hospitals, long-term care facilities, retirement communities, assisted-living facilities, virtual companionship

Average salary: Never less than $15/hr and up to $60/hr depending on location

If you are looking for social connection and companionship during a stay in a medical or long-term care facility, consider discovering the power of companionship with SitByCare!